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The Get Down                            Suits
Nightflyers                                 Glee
Arrested Development               Good Witch
Queen of the South                   American Vandal
Steven Universe                        Les super nanas


Jessica Pearson
We Bare Bears                           Ben 10


On air on SYFY ( October 10)
The new serie produced by RIDLEY SCOTT and dubbed by VF PRODUCTIONS

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We are pleased to work on the dubbing of FOSSE VERDON !
“An inside look at the romantic and creative partnership between influential choreographer/director, Bob Fosse, and Gwen Verdon, one of the greatest Broadway dancers of all time.”

2018’s pictures

Thank you to our clients for trusting us

Thank you to our teams for their efficiency ans reactivity !

Focus on animations

In 2018 :

They came to dub and sing at VF Prod for our animations:

Claudia Tagbo in the “Powerpuff girls”
BigFlo & Oli in “Apple and Onion”
Vianney in “Apple and Onion”
Les Coquettes, Marie and Lola in “Steven Universe”

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The new Cartoon network animation on air !

With the voices of BigFlo and Oli (Famous French singers) in the main characters.

Discover them in « Apple & Onion »


on Warner TV

The French trailer

YOUNGER Season 5

And you ?
Are you more Team Josh or Team Charles ?

The set gets emotional during every record session!

On air on Téva


Four years after the final season of Sons of Anarchy and Jax Teller’s death,

the Mayans Motorcycle Club is back !


End of recording for the Americans 6th and final season,

which won in January 2019 the Golden globe for the best television drama series!

Sound talents in Paris

VF Productions is a company offering a wide range of audio services.

Ideally located on the Champs-Elysées, the VF Productions company has a 4 recording studios equipped with Protools, including two multichannel 5.1 mixing studios.

VF Productions puts all the human and technical resources at your disposal to provide the finest and most professional work.

VF Productions was created in 2005, offering a new range of services to the dubbing industry. One of the founders has been an art director and dubbing actor for more than 20 years.

From 2005 to 2011, VF Productions dubbed a few successful TV series, dozens of TV movies, cartoons and movies.

In 2011, thanks to an increasing revenue, VF Productions acquired its own recording studios in the center of Paris, on the Champs-Elysées.

VF Productions is now a post-production company offering a wide range of premium audio services.


2005 : First contact for the dubbing of an Italian TV series for TF1 (12 x 52 minutes episodes).

2006 : First dubbing of a theatrical movie, “La fenêtre d’en face” by Fernan Ozpetek.

2011 : Acquisition of the VF Productions studios : 4 recording studios, including 2 for the 5.1 mixing.

Studios in Paris

The VF Productions studios are based in Paris 8th arrondissement, on the 14 rue Lincoln, a step away from the Champs-Elysées.

You can access to the studios through a private elevator which takes you directly to the world of post-production.

A pleasant waiting space leads to the 4 studios, which were designed by an acoustical engineer.

Offers in Paris

VF Productions is a post-production company offering a wide range of services : 

Dubbing and Post-synchronisation

VF Productions provides dubbed versions of movies, TV movies, series, cartoons and documentaries in French or foreign languages.

Our services :

We advice on the feasibility of your project, and meet your needs while keeping in mind your financial and artistic requirements. Our project manager coordinates the steps of the project to stick to your deadline : making of the elements, planning, localization, voice casting, recording, mixing, video lab, delivery.

Our references

  • TV Series : Glee, The Glades, Terra Nova, Suits, …

  • TV movies : No limit, The Experiment, Ira and Abby, …

  • Films : Theatrical movies : La fenêtre d’en face, In the Name of the King, A Dungeon Siege Tale, …

  • Animes : Full Metal Alchemist (movies and TV series), Knights of the Zodiac, Angel, Akira, …

Mixing and Sound design

VF Productions completes stereo or 5.1 mixing, as well as all the sound design.

Our services :

Two studios are equipped for the 5.1 mixing. Our gear was especially chosen so that we can create sound effects. Our sound engineers perfectly master the Protools system and the audio post-production.

Our references

  • Stereo or 5.1 mixing of all dubbed products

  • Amendment of Music & Effects Track for a 12 episode series, 5.1 mixing

Studio rental

Our 4 studios are available for rent so that you can record and mix any audio project (documentaries, advertisements, video games, audiobooks, audio guides). We help you choose the studio which meets your needs.

Our services :

VF Productions offers studio rental : 

  • with or without sound engineer at attractive rates (on demand)

  • by the hour (2 hours minimun)

Our references

  • Rental for a series of documentaries, video games, animes, …

Laboratory work

VF Productions can handle laboratory work. From layback to subtitles or credits creation, we have the solution that you need.

Our services :

We can complete a wide range of tasks : masters checking, Music & Effects checking, sound layback, creation of credits and subtitles, Dolby E audio encoding, making of broadcast materials and quality control DVDs.

Our references

We make credits, subtitles, broadcast materials and do sound laybacks for all kinds of products.

Corporate seminars

You would like to entertain or train your teams with a brand new activity ? VF Productions offers an insight into the dubbing process through corporate seminars in its facilities located on the Champs-Elysées (Training, team building, etc.).

Our services :

Team Building :

Enter the world of dubbing, and discover the other side of the picture ! Your co-workers will develop their abilities to express themselves, and the experience will increase their team spirit. If you need information, feel free to contact us ! 

Training : 

VF Productions and some partners enable you to express yourself in a unique way : a training course “Public speaking” through the dubbing of your favorite series !
Feel free to contact us to introduce us to your training project.

Our references

Training course “Public speaking”

Our references

  • TV series : Fosse-Verdon, The Passage, Nightflyers, The Orville, The Gifted, Younger, Speechless, Star, Mayans, The get down, Queen of the South, Shades of Blue, Chance, Feud,  The Strain, The Americans, Suits, X-Files, Good Witch, Glee, Witches of east end, The Glades, Terra Nova, Gang Related, Cracked, Rush, mammon, rex, Enlisted, Arrested Development, You’re the Worst, Da Vinci Demons, Making History, LA to Vegas, Second Chance, Minority report …

  • Animes : Powerpuff Girls, Craig of the Creek, Larva Island, We Bare Bears, Ben 10, Apple and Onion, Steven Universe, Toony, Uncle Grandpa, Molusco, Evangelion, Berserk, Full Metal Alchemist (movie and serie)  Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque, Angel Heart ( Nicky Larson), Akira (new french version 2011), …

  • Theatrical movies : Peterloo, Gimme Shelter, La fenêtre d’en face, In the Name of the King…

  • TV movies : Royal Matchmaker, Vanishing of Sidney Hall, Dam Sharks, Kept Woman, Two Wrongs, Undercover Nanny, The Patrol, Outlaw Prophet, The Gabby Douglas Story, Midnight Masquerade, Space Station 76, Cedar Cove, Georgia O’Keeffe, No limit, The Experiment, Ira and Abby, …

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Sound center in Paris

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